Elmwood Park area property transfers July 11, 2013

EDITOR’S NOTE: Content appears as it is provided in public records.

Elmwood Park

2249 N 78th Ave: J Amparo Padilla, Diocelina Padilla, Sergio Padilla and Alejandro Padilla to Maria Padilla for $176,000 on May 24

2939 N 78th Court: Angel Fraire and Ana M Fraire to Czeslaw Niedzwiecki and Anna Niedzwiecka for $141,000 on May 20

River Grove

3033 N Paris Ave, #304: Jerzy Kochan and Jadwiga Kochan to Adam Zuchowski and Janina MacHnik for $63,500 on May 23

2643 N Elm St: Kenneth M Quinn and Miriam Quinn to THR Property Illinois LP for $161,000 on May 20

River Forest

1311 Monroe Ave: Dennis J Hiffman and Barbara J Hiffman to Damon Cheronis and Andrea Cheronis for $799,000 on May 22

544 Monroe Ave: David Bruce Corkle and Judith Ann Corkle to Laura G Hoey and W Douglas Hoey for $740,000 on May 22

407 Ashland Ave, #2: Kevin Goggin Trust and Helen M Goggin Trust to Meghan F McCarthy and David M McCarthy for $202,000 on May 21

130 Park Ave: Andrew P Hoyt and Bernadette J Hoyt to Robert J Rathburn and Rosalie M Rathburn for $556,000 on May 22

121 Thatcher Ave: Charles J Stupar and Linda Stupar to Mark Menacho and Julie Menacho for $735,000 on May 22

Oak Park

1009 N Harlem Ave: Homes Ltd Cmls to Gloria J Wooden for $165,000 on May 24

743 N Elmwood Ave: Jennifer A Sell and William F Sell to Christopher N Frantisak and Deborah Frantisak for $485,000 on May 21

1034 Lake St: Chrisanthy Sideris Trust and Gus Sideris Trust to Sideris James Trust, James Sideris Trust, Sideris Stavroula Trust, Stavroula Sideris Trust and Stavroula Sideris Trust for $440,000 on May 24

110 S Marion St, #307: Bridget C Trapp-Weber to Robert O'Wyatt and Terri A Lackey for $335,000 on May 21

170 N Scoville Ave: Patricia Spangler to Bradley T Leshnock and Molly L Leshnock for $579,000 on May 22

942 Pleasant St, #1: Craig R Root and Jessica L Root to Adam Dauksas and Julie Dauksas for $182,000 on May 24

116 S Grove Ave: Timothy K Sendek, Jessica L Hensley and Jessica L Sendek to Shane Dualta Hayes for $435,000 on May 24

149 N Ridgeland Ave, #3: Tamar E Phillips and Jessica L Phillips to Joseph Qualito and Rebecca Qualito for $226,500 on May 22

429 Wisconsin Ave, #429: Max Keirn W Whiting and Alison G Krejci to Ryan M McPherrin for $119,000 on May 21

319 S Harvey Ave: Franklyn W Hayes and Victoria Engelhardt to Zachary Allen Browder and Loretta Ann Browder for $535,000 on May 21

704 Wenonah Ave: David A Laatz and Natalie M Laatz to Colette M Lueck and Margie E Epstein for $400,000 on May 21

531 S Cuyler Ave, #2: Taylor R Beahrs and Ruth E Beahrs to Bradley Kiep and Lissa Kiep for $195,000 on May 21

430 Harrison St, #430: Jason E Kiska to Patrick Walsh and Colleen Walsh for $92,000 on May 20

1044 S Maple Ave: Kevin J Mueller and Melissa M Mueller to Katherine R Arneth and Andrew Arneth for $346,500 on May 21

1119 S Scoville Ave: M Lynn Ostergaard to Kristoffer H Stokes and Madhurima Chakaborty for $303,000 on May 21

Melrose Park

9739 Castello Ave: Greg Engwall and Alletia Speer to Jesus Saavedra for $98,000 on May 22

1520 N 24th Ave: Philip Torina and Cathleen Torina to Jennifer C Dunn for $110,000 on May 20

1404 N 31st Ave: Juan Tellez to Jose E Espinoza Jr for $85,000 on May 22

Forest Park

7521 Brown Ave, #4: Matthew McDonald to Linda C Hays Trust, Linda C Hays Trust and C Hays Linda Trust for $230,000 on May 23

7320 Dixon St, #505: Susan K Heine to Hua Liu for $125,500 on May 23

300 Circle Ave, #3: Robert E Potas to Michelle L Fesi for $53,000 on May 23 

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